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Attorney Profile

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David M. Doré

David M Doré has an extensive litigation background of over 30 years with national law firms as Managing Attorney. As Managing Attorney, Mr. Doré was the “lawyers’ lawyer”, advising and coordinating litigation strategies for attorneys and paralegals.

The Law Offices of David M. Doré, P.C. is a litigation firm. Mr. Dore’s experience included consultation with attorneys on procedural rules for Federal and State and City courts for all New York metropolitan area court systems as well as courts in numerous other jurisdictions and countries. Coordinate service and filing of documents in courts for matters various New York State and Federal Courts. Mr. Doré trained attorneys and paralegals on Federal and State courts electronic filing procedures and court procedural rules in Federal and State litigation. He has handled commercial litigation procedural issues for matters pending in New York, and involving parties in California, Florida, Wisconsin and Washington, DC courts. He has coordinated cases related to international service of process under the Hague Convention and Inter-American Treaties; effecting service pursuant to those provisions in China, Italy and the Caribbean. Mr. Doré advised attorneys on White Collar criminal defense Federal and State, procedural rules, working alongside former Assistant U.S. Attorneys and coordinating cases with United States Attorney’s Offices for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. Coordinated investigations of entities infringing on copyright ownership and trade violations, including the dismantling of hundreds of counterfeit sellers of cigarettes. Mr. Doré also worked for the New York City Corporation Counsel conducting pretrial discovery and investigations for the Bronx Tort Division. Interview witnesses, including 50-H hearings, depositions of numerous prisoners at various New York State Correctional institutions. He has appeared and defended the City of New York in hundreds of cases at New York County Supreme Court, Bronx County Supreme Court and New York City Small Claims court. These appearances were at over 500 preliminary conferences and hundreds of depositions examining plaintiffs with actions against the City of New York. His advice was sought by Police Officers, Firefighters, Sanitation Inspectors, Public School teachers and other New York City personnel for pending litigations. In 2021 Mr. Doré was honored to be appointed to the AAJ Voter Protection Committee by President Navan Ward, Jr. President of the American Association for Justice.

David M. Doré is admitted to practice in New York State and the following courts:

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